University Of Florida Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

Treatment of paid absences: leave, leave, sick pay and other paid absences are included in salaries and salaries and are invoked on subsidies, contracts and other agreements as part of the normal cost of wages. There are no separate rights being asserted on the costs of these paid absences. In January 2011, the University of South Florida and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (the federal oversight agency) reached an agreement on the rates of facilities and administrative fees for the USF and its regional institutions. The current agreement of 11 July 2017 extends tariffs and conditions until 30 June 2020. The rates included in this agreement reflect the combined costs of the University of Florida and the University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. and apply to grants and contracts awarded to the Foundation (UFRF). Research and development costs are real costs borne by the university during research and the integration of research and development costs into the budget allows the university to reimburse these costs. There are separate rates for organized research, teaching and other sponsored activities on and off campus. Add direct costs and research and development to calculate the total cost of the project.

That is the final budget figure. All budget calculations should be rounded to the next dollar. Don`t give pennies in a position item or a sum. Count publication fees if the release plan includes publishing search results in trade journals with a page fee. Project budgets should include all costs necessary to achieve the objectives of the proposal or agreement. These costs are broken down: the Research Office is the only office authorized to negotiate adaptations of the R and D rates for each proposal. Application of the rates of facilities and administrative costs (indirect costs) to DOD/subcontract contracts: according to DFARS 2231.303, no restrictions (if the institution repeals it) may impose reimbursement of indirect cost rates other than those incurred by a higher education institution under a DOD contract passed on Or after November 30, 1993, unless the same limitation applies uniformly to all other organizations engaged in similar activities. The Ministry of Defence found that such a restriction was not applied uniformly.

The following rates therefore do not reflect the application of the 26% limit on indirect administrative costs imposed by circular OMB A-21. An application for a waiver of the UCF federal award under our collective agreement may be sought for consideration if a proposed project falls within the eligible categories. A reduced rate of 10% is assessed if the application is approved and applies to project administrative costs.