Student Agreement Amendment

CONSIDERING that the parties wish to amend part of the contract relating to the responsibilities of the SAR and the District with respect to student discipline in order to meet the requirements of Act 2801-a; and Student Background Check Addendum (OGC-S-2006-03) – Supplement to contracts for drug testing, health care and background checks of students WHEREAS, the President of Ulster Legislature County, in accordance with Resolution 193 of 21 May 2019, has the authority to amend the treaty on behalf of the COUNTY. CONSIDERING that, on April 12, 2019, effective July 1, 2019, Parliament made legislative changes to the Education Act No. 2801-a), which requires school districts to include in their contracts with security service providers concepts that define the role of the security officer with respect to students , staff and the public, who clearly see school officials as responsible for dealing with school discipline issues; H. School Discipline: School discipline is the sole responsibility of school managers. The OAR will not be involved in the investigation of disciplinary violations of the Code of Conduct or the application of the Code of Conduct. The OAR will comply with the BOCES Directive and existing government and federal laws with respect to formal interviews with students or staff, searches or seizures of school property or school functions under the jurisdiction of BOCES. 3. This amendment is subject to approval by the Board of Education of BOCES. Standard Contract Supplement (OGC-S-2009-01) – is used to add lenders` contracts under $50,000. If the seller agrees to sign this standard supplement with his contract, the contract can be treated as if it were a standard university contract.

Foreign National Information Addendum (OGC-S-2006-15) – Addendum for contract services provided by a foreigner. ULSTER COUNTY BOARD OF COOPERATIVE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES 1st Section 1.B. The skills of the SAR are modified by removing subsections III.) and vi) and re-number the remaining subsections accordingly. 2. The following paragraph is added to the contract pursuant to Section 1.G.: This AMENDMENT came into effect on July 1, 2019 with the contract entitled School Resource Officer at Ulster County BOCES, concluded on July 1, 2019 or around August 5, 2019, and hereafter referred to as the “contract” by and between the ULSTER COUNTY BOARD OF COOPERATIVE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (“BOCES”) and the COUNTY OF , which is attached to Appendix “1,” as follows: CONSIDERING that BOCES and the county have entered into a contract in which the county proposed, effective July 1, 2019, the provision of a school resources officer (“ORS”) for the BOCES facility in Port Ewen, New York; and OCA Addendum (OGC-S-2012-13) – Supplement for activities involving children IN WITNESS WHEREOF, duly accredited officials of the relevant contracting parties have executed this agreement on the dates listed below.