Roommate Lease Agreement Nyc

There are several sections that should include such an agreement. The sections that must be included are: This is the section that indicates the exact address of the unit or property rented for the room rental contract. If there is an apartment number or floor that needs to be indicated, this should also happen here. Since some New York counties may have different room rental conditions, you can also list the county in which the unit is located. In Westchester County, for example, there are a number of parks that are only available to residents, so the full address indication, including the county, will be a legal means that the new tenant can use to reach those parks. In the first part of the NYC roommate agreement, you must enter the information about the premises. Our New York City Roommate Agreement covers different types of rooms, cellars, condos, home, mobile home apartment. The location information required includes the type of location, address, location, state and zip code. You are asked if you would like to add additional information about the premises. More details may include the number of storage spaces, bathrooms or bedrooms. It is also important to specify the presence of a master-lease.

With respect to the length of the contract period, indicate when the lease begins and when it expires. If the premise is leased, you must indicate when the roommate contract begins and when the contract is renewed either weekly or monthly or per year. It is also important to enter the number of communication days a roommate should give before the contract is terminated. This section should also contain a clause stating that a roommate cannot go to another roommate`s room without their permission. The bedrooms will not be accessible areas throughout the Community, to which everyone will have access, so make sure that it is clearly stated in the agreement, so that it can never be a topic in the future. Even if it is a calm time that is agreed for unity, then this should be indicated here. Ideally, tenants should write and sign a standard roommate contract at the beginning of a lease that covers all bases: who owes what, how that payment is made, and what happens is that someone doesn`t pay or wants to move, according to Seth Miller, a landlord and tenant lawyer in New York. If you can get something in writing now, it`s not too late; there are free models online.

Miller also recommends consulting a lawyer to make sure that what you create gives obligations and consequences.