Public Service Stability Agreement Outsourcing

The agreements confirm that it is still permissible for work that “reasonably can be considered small” to be outsourced in accordance with the usual consultation procedures [in accordance with the Information and Hearings Act) of 2006]. This view was shared by the Armed Forces Officers Unit (RACO), which accused DPER of making pure statements on the principle of “parity of esteem”. In accordance with Section 6.1 of the Lansdowne Road Contract, the enforcement group covered by this section decides, in the event of a dispute, the outsourcing of existing services and the treatment of anomalies resulting from the agreement. This is the second wage adjustment to be implemented this year. The salaries of civil servants earning less than 30,000 euros a year increased by 1% in January, while those earning more than 30,000 euros benefited from a reduced contribution to the “additional contribution” that replaced the “pension contribution” under the PSSA. Outsourcing, personnel and related issues Despite management`s attempts to significantly dilute them, the PSSA maintains all outsourcing protections acquired by unions in negotiations that resulted in previous agreements at Croke Park (2010) and Haddington Road (2013). The agreement also contains proposals for reform through changes in technology and labour practice, including the need for temporary redeployments and increased staff transfers across the public service. He also noted that the burden of these hours has been uneven for certain grades or groups, but stressed that the process of reviewing the problem would focus on services that would not be disrupted. Work-Life Balance The PSSA is committed to ensuring that the administration ensures that work-life balance agreements (including flexible work) are available as much as possible in public and public services. It states that disputes over the local and sectoral implementation of work-life balance agreements can be resolved through normal dispute resolution procedures. And she says the leadership of each sector must keep track of progress in gender balance in professional development. The salaries of civil servants and civil servants will increase by 1.75% from this month.

This increase will also be due to staff from non-commercial para-state enterprises and Section 38 organizations, including large voluntary hospitals.