Eu-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement Pdf

The European Union (EU) and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam signed the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) in December 2015. Subject to ratification, the agreement is expected to enter into force in 2018. Previously, Vietnam had already gained preferential access to the EU market through the EU`s Generalised Preference System (GSP) for developing countries. This publication assesses the potential tariff savings for EU importing companies when the EU and Vietnam free trade agreement come into force. This is one of the results of the regional Core Labour Standards Plus (CLS) project, launched in 2016 by the Friedrich Ebert Asia Foundation. The aim of the project is to promote and develop binding labour standards in global trade and value chains. Petra Donhaupt. – [Singapore]: Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia, 2017. – III, 21 pages – 1 MB, PDF file. – (CLS more basic work standards). – (CLS study) Ed. Electronic: Singapore: ESF, 2017 This publication assesses potential tariff savings for EU importing companies when the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement enters into force.