Central Desert Group Enterprise Agreement 2017

Milwaukee Art Museum Workers Overwhelmingly Vote to Join Machinists: A group of more than 140 employees of the Milwaukee Museum of Art voted with 72% for machinists (IAM). New IAM members work in all functions at the Milwaukee Museum of Art, including visitor services, food and beverages, education and programs, information systems, facilities and more. “I would like to welcome these members of the Machinists family,” said Steve Galloway, Executive Vice President of the IAM Midwest Territory. “I am so proud of them that they have been informed of the benefits of IAM and are working so hard for union representation and a voice in their workplace. Unions are not just for workers in the manufacturing sector; they have a place in all workplaces. At the beginning of the pandemic, Méjica said, his group received between 80 and 100 calls and messages each day from workers seeking help because they had sick employees or even employees who had already died. Arise Chicago has launched a campaign to help workers strike to defend their health. In the winter of 1976, one year after the Agricultural Labor Relations Act came into force, George Arakelian Farms Inc. began organizing a union. The men lived in Mexicali, Mexico, south of California`s Imperial Valley.

Every day they would leave at 2 .m and go to the border. After the crossing, the contractor put her in cars. When all the Klunkers were full, he would leave for the Palo Verde Valley, a two-hour journey through the desert. Kentucky Democratic Party Staff Join IBEW: Kentucky Democratic Party employees joined Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 369, obtained voluntary management recognition and entered into their first collective bargaining agreement. In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party staff said, “We have sought support and recognition of our right to organization. Our leadership has strengthened to negotiate in good faith and to ensure that we Democrats live up to our values in Kentucky. We strongly believe in the importance of building and maintaining long-term organizational infrastructure to achieve a fair and inclusive Kentucky Democratic Party.