4E Implementing Agreement Pty Ltd

International Energy AgencyEnergy Technology Collaboration Division31-35, Federation StreetParis75739 CEDEX 15France Jeremy DommuDepartment of EnergyUnited Technology States of America Technology Standards forcing Standards forcing Standards Forcing Standards for Energy Efficiency: This report provides examples of the application of technology-imposed standards and their comparison with other policy interventions. The potential of such measures is then examined to promote the energy efficiency of appliances and equipment at a faster rate than in most national policies. . Policy driven Innovation (PDI): This project aims to show senior officials how to achieve ambitious energy productivity targets through internationally coordinated efficiency levels and longer-term performance targets for devices and devices. This approach could provide greater legal certainty to the industry and encourage the entry of new and effective technologies into the market. Dutch agency P.O. Box 8242 Utrecht 3503 Netherlands Executive Committee 4E (ExCo) is responsible for managing and managing work on implementation agreements, organising meetings and workshops, participating in international cooperation, gathering information and disseminating knowledge, best practices and innovative strategies for implementing energy-efficient end-use technologies. Lin LingChina National Institute of StandardizationChina The ExCo forms the 4E forum, and forum functions are performed at ExCo meetings. The office elects a president and one or more vice-presidents for a period of two years. The president and vice-president may be re-elected. Each contracting party (Member State) appoints representatives who attend ExCo meetings. The ExCO appoints an operating delegate who provides secretarial and other functions on behalf of the ExCO.

Research projects are implemented in the form of conventions or application projects. An operational agent is appointed for each of the annexes. Current schedules include: Electric Motor Systems (EMSA) Solid State Lighting (SSL) Electronic Devices and Networks (EDNA) 4E also implements a number of other projects, including international comparative evaluation of devices and devices. Research projects are carried out in the form of annexes or projects of the technology cooperation programme programme. An operational agent is appointed for each of the annexes. Brian Fitzgerald Energy Efficiency and Conservation AuthorityNew Zealand Michael MoserSueiz Swiss Federal Energy Office For more information on the operation of 4E, check out the “Fair Questions” brochure to download on this page. Mark Ellis – Associates44 Albert St,Wagstaffe, NSW 2257Australien Department of Industry, Science, Energy and ResourcesAustralia -Collect and analysis information, share expertise and pool resources on energy efficient end-use equipment systems; – coordinating internationally acceptable approaches to promoting energy-efficient terminal equipment and systems; and to develop a better understanding of energy-efficient equipment and terminal systems policies and practices.